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Travel stories, tips and advice for those wanting to take a step beyond

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Top Ten Packing Tips

Pack Like a Pro!

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to travel with a greater sense of ease than everyone else?  Their clothes are wrinkle-free and always just the right thing for every occasion, and yet they never seem to be lugging an extra heavy bag.  What do they know that the rest of us don’t?  I polled a list of the best travelers I know and have come up with the following list of top ten travel tips. Try a few – I think they’re all great. 


A well packed bag means a savvy traveler.

A well packed bag means a savvy traveler.


1.  The outfit that works in the Caribbean may be completely inappropriate for Austria – even if the summer temperature is the same.  Somehow bright florals and electric colors look better under a tropical sun. Consider your destination and what will and won’t look appropriate before packing your bag.

2.  Always throw a collapsible tote bag into your suitcase. It can be used for a day-bag, to carry a lunch or your rain jacket etc. or be pressed into service as a carry-on if you buy more souvenirs than you’d expected.

3.  Balance your bag by packing heaving things at the bottom, so it won’t tip over if left to stand on its own.  And while it’s always good to pack lightly (particularly if you’re using the European rail system and will be running between tightly scheduled trains) you should also try to pack tightly.  Gently roll your sweaters and t-shirts to fill the space in your bag evenly.  When you have too few items in too large a bag, the pieces tend to fold over on themselves, creating wrinkles you’ll find hard to press away. 

4.  Bring old shoes and new socks.  A walking holiday is never the time to break in a new pair of shoes – always bring your most comfortable, well-worn pair.  On the other hand, old socks can have bare areas or even holes, which can lead to rubbing and blisters.  Ouch!  To be doubly sure your feet will stay comfortable, toss some moleskin and a package of liquid bandages into your knapsack.  If a blister does appear, you’ll be prepared.

5.  Jewelry is best packed in a plastic fishing tackle box or even a plastic pill sorter, so earrings can be kept together and chains won’t tangle.

6.  Be sure never to put your jewelry in your checked luggage, but instead keep it with you , in your carry-on bag. 

7.  Before packing, write out a list of the days you’ll be gone and list the clothing you’ll need.  Be sure to plan for both warm and cool weather, and remember to include underwear, socks, shoes, bathing suits and accessories.  By writing out your list on paper, you’ll be able to see opportunities for certain clothing items to do double duty and you’ll end up packing less.

8.  Because shoes take up so much space in your bag, it’s important to make the most of your packing opportunities by filling them with socks and underwear etc. 

9.  Heading for a country where you won’t be able to speak the language?  It might be a good idea to bring along a few photos of your home, your neighbourhood and your family.  Even if you can’t communicate everything, you’ll at least have a few conversational aids.

10.  Never trust that your checked luggage will arrive.  To be sure you’ll have something to wear, trade a few pieces of your clothing for a few of your traveling companion’s.  If one checked bag doesn’t make, at least you’ll both have something to wear.

Posted 7 years, 1 month ago at 12:06 am.


Travel Gear to Get You Where You’re Going!

Great travel can depend not only on where you go and how, but on what you take with you. As a columnist for the Toronto Star, I write “Gearing Up”, a weekly round-up of the best travel products on the market – everything from suitcases to luggage scales, headlamps, water purification tablet and more. I thought readers of my blog might enjoy some of my best finds…

Travel Gear to Get You There


Sip Safely

Add one Aquatab Water Purification Tablet to any glass of questionable water, and leave it for 30 minutes. The iodine-free tab  will dissolve rapidly, providing effective protection against giardia, bacteria and viruses.  Safe for adults, children and pregnant women, this product is approved for treatment of drinking water by the US EPA, and used by such international aid agencies as NATO, Unicef, International Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and Oxfam.  (Important to note: these tablets have not been proven effective against the cyst cryptosporidium when in the oocyst stage of its life cycle.)

Available for $17.00 from Mountain Equipment Co-op, 400 King Street West, Toronto, 888-847-0770. For other store locations or to order, visit

Not a Wrinkle in Sighttravel-iron

You’ll be fit to meet the queen, with not a wrinkle in sight if you’ve packed the Hamilton Beach® Travel Iron with steamer.  Compact and lightweight, it features a lint brush attachment, storage bag, dual 120/240 voltage and water cup.

Available at major department stores for $29.99 or by contacting 800-267-2826.

Travel Trouble!Book photo

We’ve all been on trips from hell and nobody wants to repeat the experience! Don’t Go There! The Travel Detective’s Essential Guide to the Must-Miss Places of the World by author Peter Greenberg offers a need-to-know guide to where to – and not to – go and why!

Available from for $14.56

Posted 7 years, 2 months ago at 4:02 am.

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Environmentally friendly travel tips.

Learn how to enjoy your trip while preserving the environment!

Travel Green!

When everything seems to have a green focus these days, it’s important to consider how our travel habits can have an impact on the environments in which we vacation.  We’re all becoming aware of the importance of off-setting the pollution we create by flying or driving and many of us are now routinely contributing to websites that enable us to reduce the size of our carbon ‘footprint.’ What’s equally important is to ensure that we continue to be eco-responsible when we arrive, and that every day of our holiday we show respect for the new surroundings in which we find ourselves.  As citizens of the world, we need to make sure that we care for every corner!  Next time you’re planning a vacation, pull out this list of eco-friendly travel suggestions and slip it in your suitcase.  Mother Nature will be glad you did.

Be careful never to let feet, fingers or flippers touch the delicate coral reef.

Be careful never to let feet, fingers or flippers touch the delicate coral reef.

1.  Enjoy nature but don’t chase or try to touch animals or sea creatures.  You’re visiting their world, it’s a special privilege for you to be able to do so, and you need to respect, not disrupt their lives.

2.  Don’t take anything away with you that’s part of the natural environment.  While it may seem like an interesting souvenir to remind you of your experience, removing bits of the natural habitat can be upsetting or even dangerous for the creatures you’ve been so keen to observe.

3.  Stay on marked trails to avoid trampling fragile plant life.  If you see litter left behind by those who’ve gone before you, clean it up.  Leave that little bit of the world a better place that you found it.

4.  If you notice any damage in any protected areas, be sure to report it to the park rangers before you leave.  Delicate ecosystems have to be carefully maintained and the park management can’t have eyes everywhere.

5.  Be sure to shop at local stores, deal with local people, show interest in and enthusiasm for their culture and try local specialties whenever possible, but avoid purchasing anything made from tropical woods, turtle shells, ivory, coral etc.  It’s your responsibility to ensure that you’re not encouraging the sale of products made from precious, endangered natural species.

Take only photos as souvenirs of the rare creatures you encounter,

Take only photos as souvenirs of the rare creatures you encounter,

6.  When you sit down for dinner, choose seafood and fish caught locally in a responsible, sustainable fishery operation.

7.  Swimming, snorkeling or diving? Be sure to keep your hands and flippers far from the delicate coral reefs.  Breaking off pieces of coral can have serious effects on the sea life that depend on the reefs for sustenance and a place to live.  Note:  staying away from the coral is also an important way to protect yourself from infection.  If you do happen to scratch yourself on the reef, be sure to wash the scrape with soap and water and apply a topical disinfectant.

8.  Lend a hand! If you have some extra time in your vacation schedule, consider volunteering to help refurbish a conservation area or clean up a beach.  Giving back is a great way to make your holiday memorable!

Posted 7 years, 2 months ago at 3:43 am.

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Anguilla offers beautiful beaches in a Caribbean paradise.

If you’re looking for beautiful beaches and friendly locals to welcome you to a charming Caribbean island, Anguilla has just what the traveler ordered.


A Little Piece of Paradise – Anguilla 



Anguilla boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean

Anguilla boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean


If escaping the rigors of the world to hide away on a relaxed island is your dream, make Anguilla your destination.  It’s a hidden holiday gem many North American travelers have yet to discover.

Just five kms across at its widest point and 26 km long, this tiny piece of paradise, the most northerly of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, is a British territory.  Once Canadian tourists adjust to driving on the left side of the island’s one major thoroughfare and smaller side roads (no need to panic – the speed limit is just 30 kms/hr.), they feel immediately at home with the friendly, English-speaking islanders who want nothing more than the opportunity to welcome visitors tired of the more hectic pace of neighboring islands.  The population is small – approximately 13,500 – and not particularly entrepreneurial.  You could wander forever on the beaches of Anguilla and never have anyone try to sell you anything – in fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a t-shirt shop if you were desperate!

This is an island of beautiful, largely deserted sandy beaches – 33 of them in total – where the weary vacationer can set up a sun chair and bask in uninterrupted seclusion. 


Take snorkeling cruise and discover some of the friendlier denizens of the deeps!

Take snorkeling cruise and discover some of the friendlier denizens of the deeps!


If you really must… 

If you feel that you have to add more to your holiday schedule than hours of relaxing by crystal blue waters on silky sand beaches, Anguilla is ready to accommodate.  Nearly as beautiful beneath the waves as it is above, Anguilla is a favorite destination for both snorkelers and SCUBA divers.  You’ll find plenty of boats with captains eager to show you the island’s popular marine parks: Sandy Island, Dog Island, Prickley Pear, Little Bay, Seal Island Reef System and the Shoal Bay Harbour Reef System.  The sites offer not only mini wall dives and heritage dives, but also shore and wreck dives as well as the island’s most exciting attraction, El Buen Consejo, a 960-ton Spanish galleon, which rests in the waters of the award-winning Stoney Bay Marine Park. 

Prefer your sight-seeing to take place on dry land?  Birders enjoy visiting Anguilla’s salt ponds to train their binoculars on the variety of feathered visitors who flap by, while gourmet travelers rave about the outstanding cuisine offered at many of the island’s hotels and restaurants where the food is first-rate, the service is outstanding and making reservations is never a problem. 

Bankie on It 

No visit to Anguilla is complete without an evening – and perhaps a day as well! – spent at the Dune Preservation Retreat at Rendezvous Bay, listening to the original reggae rhythms of owner and singing sensation Bankie Banks.  Banks is as integral a part of the character of Anguilla as Bob Marley is of Jamaica.  The difference is, he’s still very much alive and singing his heart out in his beach-side bar, built to feel as whimsical as the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house. Go in March and be part of Moonsplash, Bankie’s own musicfest that draws thousands of visitors from around the world, or choose a quieter month, when you can relax in the bar after the show and share a beer with the great man himself. 

Getting There 

Paradise shouldn’t be too easy to reach…so getting to Anguilla takes an extra little step.  Canadian travelers can fly Sunwing to St. Maarten and then take a short ferry ride to the secluded shores.  It’s the shortest and most exotic little commute you’ll ever exp

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Motion Sickness Strategies

Watching the horizon can settle a queasy stomach...and a blast of fresh air is always a good idea too!

Watching the horizon can settle a queasy stomach...and a blast of fresh air is always a good idea too!

Help for the Queasy Traveler

Is a car trip your personal idea of hell? On a cruise, do you spend more time curled in the fetal position in your cabin than enjoying the sights?  Would you rather spend a week at the dentist’s office than an hour in a small airplane?

Lucky you – you suffer from motion sickness!

It’s a malady that hits us all from time to time, no matter how much traveling we’ve done.  It’s a nasty trick played on our stomach by our brain that can spell the end to vacation fun unless you come up with some smart strategies to combat it.

What is it?

Motion sickness is a simple case of confusion.  Your brain isn’t properly processing what your body is experiencing and so sends messages to your stomach that cause nausea.  Ordinarily, your brain gets clear, dependable messages from your eyes and your inner ear that jibe pretty well with your expectations and previous experiences.  In certain travel circumstances, however, such as when you’re traveling in the back seat of a car, below decks on a ship, or in an airplane where your vision is restricted and you have no view of the horizon, trouble starts.  Your eye perceives your surroundings to be still, but your inner ear’s balance mechanism registers movement.  In short, your sensory wires are crossed and the ultimate victim is your stomach.  In no time, you grow pale, break out in a sweat and your lunch begins to threaten a hasty return.

So what’s an intrepid traveler to do?

Motion sickness can strike any time, whether you travel by boat, car or plane.

Motion sickness can strike any time, whether you travel by boat, car or plane.

Quelling the Quaking Within

The best solution for dealing with motion sickness is to practice preventative strategies.  Sit in the front passenger seat in the car, ask for a window seat on an airplane and choose larger planes over their smaller cousins – you’ll experience less turbulence.  Spend more time enjoying the fresh air on the promenade deck and less in your cabin.  If you go deep-sea fishing, try your best to avoid using the completely enclosed bathroom below decks (cross your legs – it’s preferable!)  Whenever possible, open a window or step out on a balcony to get fresh air – and always keep your eyes on the horizon.

While certain over the counter medications such as Gravol or Dramamine are helpful for dealing with and even preventing motion sickness, they can leave you feeling drowsy – not a great thing when every vacation moment is precious.  The good news is that Gravol (note: available in Canada) has introduced a new product – a chewable ginger-based lozenge which, if chewed in advance of a sick-making trip, has proved very effective for me.  Another great over the counter option is a product called Bonamine, an anti-nausea medication that has no sedating effects and lasts up to 24 hours.  I’ve also found it very effective.

If you’re planning a cruise and want a long-term solution, consider Transderm, a product that consists of two small circular patches (like the paper reinforcements we used to stick on three-ring binder pages) that adhere to the skin behind each of your ears. Over the course of 72 hours, the patches exude small amounts of anti-nausea medication that is absorbed through your skin to prevent you from feeling sea-sick. Most people report no nasty side-effects and find these patches a great way to enjoy every shipboard moment. Your pharmacist may also suggest that you try motion bands, which are snug bracelets of fabric with imbedded discs designed to press on certain areas of the wrist. The acupressure effect is thought to aid in preventing motion sickness, but I can’t say I’ve ever had any success with them.

If you don’t succeed in preventing the onset of motion sickness and begin to feel that familiar queasiness arising, fix your eyes firmly on the horizon, sip a cold can of ginger ale and hold another cold can against the back of your neck.  Nibble dry crackers, suck on a ginger-flavored candy or chew strongly flavored gum – cinnamon is a good choice.  If all else fails and you’re able to get to a source of cold water, take a shower or jump in a cool pool.  Strange as it may sound, you might even consider soaking a towel in cold water, wringing it out and wrapping yourself in it.  That was the cure offered to me after a particularly gagging flight in a small plane in Africa and I was so desperate, I went for it.  The soaking wet towel completely engulfed me from head to toe, my clothing was drenched – and it worked like a charm!

Posted 7 years, 2 months ago at 8:14 pm.

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